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Aethleti Circle L.L.P is one of India’s leading sports management companies, based out of Gurgaon, Haryana. We offer exclusive personalised management of our clients who are primarily Indian athletes and belong to a variety of sporting backgrounds.

Our comprehensive management structure incorporates every aspect of the client’s lifestyle. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you reach your highest level of personal and professional success through enhanced public branding and social influence.

We, at Aethleti Circle L.L.P, assist our clients in developing and marketing their brand while maximising revenue. Our team works with a thoroughly professional approach, providing guidance in all aspects of our clients’ commercial and social interests.

Diksha Chhillar

(founder and CEO)

Diksha Chhillar, our founder and CEO is a woman who wears multiple hats.

Diksha has always been drawn towards sports and with time developed a special passion towards various sporting disciplines. After graduating from the Jesus and Mary College affiliated under the Delhi University, she completed her post-graduation in Sports from International Institute of Sports Management (IISM).

Diksha maintained a perfect balance between her academics and sports career and excelled in both fields. A national medalist in Karate and a national-level Archer, Diksha has been an athlete for more than 15 years now which helps her to understand your exact needs and requirements to ensure that you flourish in your sporting career.
After a successful career in Karate and Archery which saw her earn a Black belt and numerous medals at the national level, Diksha embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to help the sportspersons of our country flourish in their careers.

Diksha’s journey as an entrepreneur started in 2020, when she founded Aethleti Circle with the primary vision to help athletes fulfill their maximum potential on the field while we take care of all the matters off the ground. In her entrepreneurship career, Diksha has led our team at Aethleti to play a pivotal role in the overall career growth of a bulk of national and international athletes belonging to various different sporting backgrounds – kabbadi, volleyball, motor racing, golf, cricket, badminton and more.

We whole-heartedly welcome you to begin your journey with Aethleti Circle. Together, we will definitely reach greater heights!

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